Thursday 13 May 2021
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What should be the Best Garbage Disposal Purchasing Factors?

What should be the Best Garbage Disposal Purchasing Factors?

When purchasing a garbage disposal unit, there would be various key factors to look at and research. In order to determine which disposal is right for you, it is imperative you go through garbage disposal review. Among the various pertinent factors to look for have been horsepower, durability and feed type, continuous or batch feed. There would be various other factors, but these three factors are the most crucial.

purchasing garbage disposal unit


Garbage disposal units generally come in three variations of horsepower. Most people are not sure as to how much power they would actually require. The thumb rule is the horsepower of the unit should associate to the usage it would receive. Additional horsepower would cater you with additional grinding power.

½ Horsepower

This kind of garbage disposal has been ideal for individuals who live in a condo or an apartment where the unit would not be used in excess.

disposal unit ½ Horsepower

¾ Horsepower

3/4 horsepower has been most common kind of garbage disposal. It has been mostly found in single family homes. It encompasses enough power for one single family unit. However, it should not be abused.

1 Horsepower

These units have been good for heavy use and homes that encompasses a big family. They could be used in an office where plenty of people would make use of it.

garbage disposal unit  1 Horsepower


Most of the complaints entailing disposals have been about the garbage leaking. At times, it would be due to the unit being improperly installed or there could be something wrong with the pipes. You would be required to ensure that the unit you purchase would be inclusive of stainless steel grinding drums, stainless steel grinding chambers, as they would not rust through.

Feed Type – Continuous Feed Vs Batch Feed

Continuous Feed

This kind of garbage disposal has been most common and could be easily found in almost every kitchen. Continuous feed would only operate when the power switch would be turned on. As a result, it could be fed waste on continuous basis while the unit is still running. In order to operate, you should turn on the water first and then turn on the switch. Then feed the waste down the sink hole until you have no more waste to grind. Turn off the unit and afterwards the water.

disposal unit  Continuous Feed

Batch Feed

They have been similar to the continuous feed models. However, they do not encompass an automatic switch to turn them on. Rather, they need a plug to be placed in the drain and then turned on. This would turn on the unit and after you are done with it, you have to turn off the plug.