Monday 10 May 2021
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What to Do with Unwanted Electrical and Electronic Items

What to Do with Unwanted Electrical and Electronic Items

When you purchase new electrical and electronic items, knowing what best to do with old ones can become quite a problem. Fortunately, we live in an age where there are various options available for those who find themselves in such a position. Of course, how people dispose of their unwanted goods depends entirely upon the condition that they’re in—something that should be ascertained first and foremost. It should be in this order:

  • Beyond repair and ready for disposal
  • Still in good working order

Electrical and Electronic

Naturally, a fridge that’s beyond economical repair will need dealing with in an entirely different manner to a cooker that still has plenty of life in it. But regardless of the state that electrical and electronic goods are in, finding a suitable means of disposal shouldn’t prove too difficult a process in this day and age.

beyond economical repair

  • When the devices are still serviceable

This being the case, it’s safe to assume that those unwanted items will be wanted by others. You could even sell such items via the classifieds, at online auction sites, or even donate them to a charitable organisation within the area.

online auction sites

  • Broken but repairable

Maybe your fridge has gremlins in the system or maybe a ‘not-so-old’ washing machine is failing to perform as the manufacturer intended. If in such circumstances repairs can be possible, then the matter is best left in the hands of a trusted engineer.

hands of a trusted engineer

  • End of natural life

When goods are deemed to be beyond economical repair, disposal is the only option left. If the goods are recyclable, they should be taken to an authorised collection point.

If there are electrical items or electronics goods to be disposed of, being responsible is most definitely the order of the day, and this means being aware of how best to dispose of unserviceable items. The need to recycle electronics is a very real one these days, and if it’s an area that people are unsure about, they should take the time to look at the latest EC directives.

Electrical beyond economical repair

  • A wise course of action

Whichever way you care to look at it, recycling makes sense, and by taking unwanted goods to an authorised collection point, people can rest assured that their items will be recycled in the best way possible.

If items you have are:

  1. A plug
  2. Are battery-powered
  3. Have an emblem which features a bin with a cross through it

There’s a good chance that they can be recycled, and as we all know only too well, recycling helps to keep the country tidy and, more importantly, it can help to safeguard our planet for future generations.

At the end of the day, when the likes of cookers, washing machines and even lawn mowers are no longer needed or have broken down beyond repair, they should always be disposed of in a manner befitting of their status. If people aren’t sure what to do for the best, they’d be well advised to get in touch with their local recycling centre.