Monday 10 May 2021
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Which Small Kitchen Appliances Are Actually Useful?

Which Small Kitchen Appliances Are Actually Useful?

When you move out of your parents’ house and start creating your own home, one of the first things you do is buy a set of basic appliances for your kitchen. Everyone needs to eat and most people can cook at least a few basic meals, even if they choose to eat takeaway more often. If you are setting up your first home, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for kitchen appliances. So which ones are actually useful and which will be used only once before languishing untouched in a cupboard for years? It makes the most sense to choose your kitchen appliances based on your lifestyle and cooking ability.


Basic Small Appliances

There are a few small appliances that every kitchen should have. The first is a tea kettle. Everyone should have a kettle to heat water for beverages and instant soup. You can choose between a traditional kettle that heats on the range, or an electric kettle that is self-contained. If you prefer coffee to tea, you may want to have some sort of coffee maker such as a French press or automatic drip coffeemaker.


A toaster is another basic appliance that should be in every kitchen. If you tend to cook single meals or eat a lot of reheated frozen food, a toaster oven might be a good upgrade. Having a toaster oven allows you to have the functionality of an oven in a smaller and more efficient way than using the full oven attached to your range.

Specialised Small Appliances

If you don’t cook very often, you may just want to keep a kitchen with the bare essentials such as a tea kettle and toaster. However, if you enjoy cooking or want to learn, there are many other appliances that can be useful. There is a big market for kitchen appliances and the reality is that every kitchen only has so much space. It’s important to choose appliances that are useful and efficient. It is best if you choose appliances that have multiple uses, instead of filling your kitchen with single-function gadgets.


One of the most useful small appliances is a slow cooker. A slow cooker is easy to use, even for beginner cooks, and it’s relatively foolproof. The most modern slow cookers are actually designed with two functions: slow cooker and pressure cooker. This means you can use a single appliance to perform two extremely useful cooking functions. Learning how to incorporate pressure cooking into your kitchen skills will open up a wide range of new recipes and meals. The new cooking machines that include both pressure and slow cooking functions are safe, easy to use, and most importantly, extremely reliable.


One final appliance that some cooks may want to consider for the kitchen is an electric mixer. A mixer is especially useful for people who enjoy baking. There are two basic types of mixers: a hand-held model, and a stand-up mixer. Stand-up mixers are generally more expensive, but they are also more powerful and easier to use, especially for making bread dough. If you only bake once in a while and use pre-made mixes rather than baking from scratch, a hand-held mixer is probably a better choice.