Thursday 13 May 2021
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Who Is Liable During a Home Renovation Injury?

Who Is Liable During a Home Renovation Injury?

What will happen if the contractor in charge of your home renovation gets injured? Well, the first things that you should do is to call your lawyer right away to know the legal implications of the incident. If you don’t have a lawyer yet, firms such as Snow Carpio Weekley offer attorneys who specialize in the law regarding work injuries. In any case, it’s still important that you know your rights so you and your lawyer can work together to work out the best solution. Here are some things you should know about this sort of case:

Can Contractors Sue Homeowners for Injuries?

As a general rule, the contractors can sue the homeowner if ever they get injured whilst renovating the house. This is in the context of negligence on the part of the homeowner. When the homeowner asks the contractors to do work on his or her house, he or she has the responsibility to ensure the place is safe for work. That way, no one will get hurt.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Liabilities?

In order to ensure that there are no complications, you must first strike an agreement with the contractor. Have the contractor scan the area first to see if there are any unsafe parts. From there, the contractor will create the floor plan, which you will review. Once you review it, you and the contractor will sign a contract for the job, and you can leave the contractor to do his or her work.

Should You Closely Monitor the Progress to Prevent Accidents?

Most homeowners would choose to carefully monitor or micromanage the contractors so that no accidents may happen. This is not advisable. If you do this, you may open yourself to even more cases. If an accident does happen, the contractors may blame you and your suggestions for their injuries.

In any case, it’s a better idea to let them work on your renovation by themselves once the contract is in effect. Even if the contractors do sue you, they won’t have a high chance of winning in court. This is because the courts tend to put more blame on homeowners who carefully monitor the contractors.

Are There Exceptions to the Rule?

While the general rule allows contractors to sue homeowners for renovation injuries, there are some exceptions. One exception is if the contractor has been called to fix something broken. Let’s say that the job of the contractor is to fix a broken floor. If he accidentally slips and falls into the broken floor, the homeowner is not liable. This is because the contractor knows that there is a broken floor. He or she has no excuse for this type of situation.


While it is entirely possible for the contractors to sue a homeowner for injuries, there are ways to fight back. If you have some legal legs to stand on, you may use them in court. This is why you need your lawyer. The worst that may happen is that you have to pay compensation for the contractor’s hospital bills, which isn’t so bad.