Sunday 11 April 2021
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Why You Need To Stand Up For Gender Inequality?

Why You Need To Stand Up For Gender Inequality?

It almost seems unreal that we are talking of gender inequality in the 21st century, when man has found a mark in most aspects of life on earth and beyond. Discrimination against women is sadly one of the major concerns around the world, and it is surprising that the society is highly indifferent towards the issue. In this post, we will try to talk about some of the major aspects of gender inequality to understand the scenario better.

Discrimination against women

What’s gender inequality?

Basically, gender inequality is the situation when women are not given the same rights as men. For centuries, women were not allowed to participate in many activities, jobs and the branches of economy, and this has happened in most continents. While many countries have grown out of it and found a place that’s better than what it was some odd two decades, others regions continue to be in a miserable state. For a society that’s just and well balanced, it is essential that women are treated as equals in every sphere of life.

situation when women

The current situation

Without going into numbers, it can be safely said that women are an oppressed gender. In some countries, women are not allowed to go out of their house, while in others they don’t get the same rights and chances for jobs as their male counterparts. Thankfully, governments in many countries are trying their best to change the situation and there are some great successes worth mentioning, but largely, things remain grim. Many organizations like are pushing for the cause, so that the attitude towards women can be changed.

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What’s wrong everywhere?

Well, women are denied of many things. In some countries in South America, women suffer the most owing to unemployment, while in others like India, female feticide is a serious matter of discussion. With lack of opportunities and the need to find financial help, women are often forced in the flesh trade, where they have to deal with many health problems. Others, who get lucky to find a man to take care of their needs, spend their lives doing household responsibilities. The influence of the Catholic Church is also a major concern in some countries, which considers abortion to be a crime, and women are suffering for the same. Not to forget, there are issues of harassment, gender inequality, rape, domestic violence, and much more that are only making things worse for the female gender.

issues of harassment

What can you do?

As a part of the society, you can change things and bring some hope for women. If you are a woman, stand up and take the cause seriously. If you are blessed to be a man with better physical power, stand for the women around you. It is all about a collaborative effort, and when everyone will raise a voice, it would be hard to ignore. It is also essential that you support the organizations and NGOs that are fighting hard for this.

girl harassment NGOs

Volunteer, donate or just send a message to people surrounding you – The world will be a better place!